Art B&B in Palermo Il Giardino di Ballarò

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Art & Fine Replicas

Il Giardino di Ballarò, located in Palermo’s Ballarò district, the city’s famous Arab market, is also a gallery of small artistic masterpieces.

When you are at Il Giardino di Ballarò look around you: you will find dozens of unique art objects, created specifically to reflect the atmosphere and character of the city of Palermo. Paintings, vases, carpets, decorations, ceramics, and sculptures flourish like flowers in all the areas of this historic home, available for sale. This is one of the ways we made our place unique and support the local

Il Giardino di Ballarò is a historic, charming B&B with boutique hotel amenities. You will be surprised by the numerous artistic touches that are in every room. Art crafts furnish the large common lobbies, such as the central hall and the breakfast room, providing a touch of originality and sophistication. In the rooms and in the Suite, you will find valuable replicas paintings made by the property and inspired by famous paintings, you will recognize for example the round and opulent figures of Botero.

Each piece of furniture is carefully chosen and paired with others with taste and imagination. Nothing is improvised, the house is taken care of in every detail by the owner, that expresses their artistic sensibility.

Il Giardino di Ballarò is an art B&B. It is easy to fall in love with a canvas or a vase, a Moro’s head, or the colorful majolica that tell the story of Sicily, unique pieces that you can buy on request. You will take back home a precious souvenir of your holiday in Palermo.

Burgio's Ceramics

The furniture is embellished with the exhibition of the Ceramics of Burgio, designed by the hosts and made exclusively for Il Giardino di Ballarò.

An exclusive collection created for the B&B Il Giardino di Ballarò by La Gioiosa and designed by Salvatore Aglieri Rinella, Esther Porto and Annalise Correnti:

“When the human hand is driven by creative sensitivity, it is nothing but art. Sicilian, art in pieces, natural elements of the island and its Mediterranean, the plasticity of the material between the rhythmic dynamism of the sea. The Giardino di Ballarò showcases its pride in experiencing Sicily by sharing its beauties.”

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