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Il Giardino di Ballarò
We provide space to Art

Il Giardino di Ballarò is a treasure of small art masterpieces, almost an art gallery. You will be surprised by the numerous artistic touches that each area shows.

You can create your own event in this charming environment. Vernissages, painting and sculpture exhibitions, private events, exclusive ideas and thriving collaborations enrich Il Giardino di Ballarò with new charm.

Art on Display

Thanks to its structural features and its art-oriented vocation Il Giardino di Ballarò is the ideal place to organize and host an event or art exhibitions.

The courtesy of the owners, the professionalism of the staff and above all the warm atmosphere of the halls and the charm of the lush garden, will make your event shine. The presentation of a book, the exhibition of paintings and sculptures, the promotion of a show, the declamation of verses or prose.

Il Giardino di Ballarò is a charming house in the ancient heart of Palermo, furnished and embellished with fine artistic elements that will surprise those who come to visit us. Burgio ceramics designed by the hosts and made exclusively for the structure enrich the environment; paintings of all shapes and sizes embellish the walls with fine replica, a tribute to Botero.

Arches, columns, capitals, vaults plastered are elements that tell the historical and artistic value of Il Giardino di Ballarò, restored to maintain the charm of the past.

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Il Giardino di Ballarò is a stage sensitive to art, a privileged space where your event will find the best way to express itself, where participants will feel enveloped by a warm and welcoming atmosphere of art and culture.

Contact us to visit the property and to define the organizational details of your event or art exhibition.

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